Chibi Friends

May 18, 2010

Part Three

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Long over due I know!


February 12, 2010

Part Two

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Please do forgive me for my long absence…

Stupid enough as I was, I hurt my arm and haven’t been able to draw for a while. Feeling better now, and I’m almost done with the third part already!

YAY, right!

Well, here is part Two.


These Angels of the Night are creatures of the dark, beautiful creatures that serve the evil in the World she belongs to.  You’ll get more info about them later, but first she needs to find a way to servive the cold winter’s night here on earth.

Come back next week for the next part! It’s where all the fun stuff begins ^.~

January 18, 2010

First Part

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Thus the story begin somewhere on Earth;

January 15, 2010

Hello world!

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I’m Chaya, the ink heart behind the sweet little neverending tale of Chibi Friends.

First Episode ever to be posted online will show up sometime on this Sunday, so stay tuned and do not miss this once in a life time offer!

Oh, and there will be dragons.


Chaya Chan

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